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“A different language is a different vision of life.”


语言研究提供了 students the opportunity to adapt and experience different perspectives in an 不断变化的风景. Studies have highlighted that knowledge of different languages improves creativity and innovation, while enhancing students’ career 全球环境中的机遇.

bwin必赢中国的法语教学和 German aims to be exciting and challenging and to inspire an interest in other 文化. Students gain understanding of the similarities between people of different nationalities and at the same time learn tolerance, respect and 庆祝他们的差异.

学习和某人说话 else’s language is the key to understanding how they think, feel and express 自己. 在那里 is no greater pleasure than seeing someone smile because you 说他们的语言. A high-quality education in learning a foreign language means perfecting the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, all of which are supported by the thorough and systematic understanding and 语法应用.

  • 七年级和八年级 学生学习法语和德语.
  • 9年,10年和11年 all students choose to continue with French, German or Latin and begin their 普通中等教育证书bwin唯一官方网站. It is possible for students to take a second language as their 选定的充实科目. Students in 年9 are offered a blended curriculum which allows them to concentrate on their chosen language(s) while at the same time offering them the opportunity to change language if they so wish.
  • 10年级和11年级学生 consolidate, develop and extend their skills leading up to the GCSE 考试.
  • 12年级和13年级学生 may opt to study for A Level in French, German or Latin.
  • 十一年级的同学们: 12 and 13 have regular contact with the French and German Language Assistants.


有很多机会 for students to develop their love of languages outside the classroom. 这些 include the French and German Language Leaders clubs, the Rosetta Stone language learning club where students can choose to learn one of many languages independently including Spanish, Italian, Farsi, Arabic, Greek, Korean and Japanese or prepare for the Youth Chinese Tests with our Mandarin teacher. 在那里 is also an annual German exchange (年10 and 一年12) and a French exchange (9/10年级及12年级). 在那里 are many events run by the Languages Department throughout the year such as Languages Week, languages assemblies and the highlight of the year, the annual “Evening of Languages” featuring “Languages Have 达人”. Students from all Year Groups take part, showcasing the 他们在学校和家里说的语言.


本部拥有一系列设备齐全, dedicated classrooms with appropriate resources.  学生们每两周还要上一节课 语言实验室.  在这里他们可以制造 the most of opportunities for learning online and use a wide range of stimulating resources to enhance their experience.

Opportunities for Further Study and Destinations

语言系 offers students the opportunity to study French, German and Latin for A Level. Studying a language at A Level compliments the study of all other subjects as 这本身就是一个目标. 大学和雇主都很看好 on students who have taken a language at A Level. 每年bwin必赢中国都有学生 who go on to study a language at university either in its own right or in combination with subjects ranging from Law, 历史 and 英语 to Business, 经济学 和科学.